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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Photography and the art of seeing

02195813In February this year, the members of Lightpainters Photography Club (LPC) had the chance to meet with Virgie Teresita a.k.a. Imago2007 in Flickr.  She is a US-based interior designer who dabbles in photography.  Virgie, has earned the respect of her fellow Flickristas for her photographic work, that is why we invited her to give a short talk for the members.  And I thank her for allowing me to blog about it (though a bit late).  I hope that this post will help any newbie in photography, as well as those who think they are already good at it.

For her, what is photography and how does she make really good photos?

She gave a very simple, yet rousing and thought-provoking discussion.  While I have photography books and reading materials, I tend to go back to my notes from her lecture and follow what she does. 

So I now share to you what I have learned from her. 

  • Have the eyes and a heart of a child in you.  Approach any subject with a pair of eyes, without any preconceived notions about the subject.  It is like "magic" that happens without you knowing it. Having a fresh outlook will also help you to compose based on the inherent qualities of the subject and bringing out the best in it.
  • Search for the subtle beauty of light, form shadow and pattern.  By doing this, you give the viewer a deeper experience of a simple, yet, interesting subject.  Ihis includes training your eye to see the beautiful subtleties in nature, even on things like a blade of grass or the tip of a leaf.
  • Simplify.  Learn how to make your subject stand out and free from other elements.  Simplify your vision and include only what is essential.  She advises using special lenses like 50mm or telephoto lenses to isolate the subject.
  •  Control your camera.  The camera cannot control what we want to capture.  One can control the camera by capturing the image you have in mind or anything that has meaning to you.  Thus it is basic that the photographer study the settings and buttons of his/her camera.  Control can be best achieved by your distance to the subject, your perspective and point of view.
  • [In landscapes] makes sure you include a hint of a human posture.  This will make an ordinary sunset come alive.
  • Find your voice in the photos you produce.  Photos are supposed to express a part of you. Thus, you need to find meaning in what you capture and be able to express what you think and feel.
  • Capture what is not done before. There is no harm in copying, but it is always rewarding to be unique in your art.

And to see for yourself, and be inspired of what she is talking about, here are some sample photos by Virgie:

And to see the rest of her photographic work, FOLLOW THIS LINK.

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It was my pleasure and an honor to share what little I could about my process. Thanks, Ding. Till next time . . . Virgie

Thank you Noelle! Indeed very inspiring ang work nya.

Virgie, thanks for dropping by, and thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. It means a lot to us!

Thank you for the awakening - so refreshing article. I enjoyed your definition of the photography greatly. You said that's Art of seeing. Yes, yes and yes! That's the art of being. The heart of a child is the lens that revive the pictures on my Art of Butterfly in Plaster - that's art by Tomas - that's our the fine arts in spiritual approach- in only appropriate way to view the images that knock on the heart

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