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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Movie: Crossroads

Some HBO movies these days are becoming too boring that missing movies is not that a big deal.  Star Movies shows newer blockbuster hits.  While shuffling from one channel to another, I chanced upon "Crossroads."  It was quite old.  With Ralph Macchio in the lead role, it must be really old!  I wonder what happened to him after his Karate Kid days?  I thought, I should take a peep at the movie.

I am not a guitar player.  I am not into blues, either, but I was hooked.

I think any movie buff and music enthusiast should watch this movie.

Here is the synopsis from HBO Asia:

Eugene Martone struggles with the devil and his destiny when he goes down to the Crossroads. Eugene is a gifted young guitarist and is obsessed with unlocking the mysteries of the blues. He finds cantankerous Willie Brown, a master of the blues harmonica, and frees him from prison. The unlikely duo hoboes from New York to Mississippi as Eugene searches for runaway Frances.

And one of the YouTube clips:

I will not go into details so not to spoil your watching.

My Rating: 8/10.

You may watch 12 clips of this movie in YouTube.  (However, 10/12 clip does not have an audio. I think this is the crucial part. Nonetheless, enjoy the movie or catch a rerun at HBO.

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