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Friday, September 24, 2010

Announcing the Top 10 CNN Heroes 2010

CNNImage via WikipediaPreviously, I blogged about CNN's announcement about its search for the CNN Heroes 2010.  Well, there is no Filipino nominee this time, but I am sure, there is no dearth of exemplary Filipinos, doing their heroic acts.
The Top 10 Nominees include:

  1. Guadalupe Arizpe De La Vega
  2. Susan Burton
  3. Linda Fondren
  4. Anuradha Noirala
  5. Naryanan Krishnan
  6. Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow
  7. Harmon Parker
  8. Aki Ra
  9. Evans Wadongo
  10. Dan Wallrath
Read more about their profiles, heroism, and vote HERE.
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