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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2010 Election List of Candidates

Barely two weeks before the elections, have you decided who will you vote?  Do you know your presidentiables, vice presidentiables and senatoriables?  The candidates to three key positions may be easy to remember, but hey!  There are new faces and names in the senatoriable line up.  It may be worthy to check them out!

Moreover, although we only need to choose one (1) PartyList, but there are 187 candidates to choose from.

So you want to make a list before you go to the precinct booth? Check these documents which I downloaded from the COMELEC Website.

Choose wisely!

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Vice Presidentiables


Party List Candidates

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Im sorry to bother you via your comments..
I just want to invite you to take a peek at
and take advantage of the service we provide. It is free and no ads to bother you..


I hope that all of the candidates that we choose will lead and make a better future to our country.

I doubt about it,, we already have choose our candidates and I feel disappointed because most of having there offices are an actor..

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