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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blogger template designer

I am glad I have gone back to Blogger format.  While trying to figure out how I can revise the CSS and HTML of my uploaded template, I found this link in the layout page.

For Blogger format users, there is a new feature through its Draft Blogger called Template Designer.  All you need is to make Draft Blogger your default blogger dashboard so that it will show.

Below are the features of this new function in Blogger format:

Click the "Template Designer" Link to bring you to the page.

Choose a template from the selection. At this point, there are four (4) designs where you can choose from. I just hope there would be more template options soon.

Choose a background from a wide selection of photos.

To suit your taste and your blog concept, you can choose from the different background themes.

Several layout options are also available.  The good thing is using these layouts will not discard your existing widgets unlike when you upload a template you have downloaded from the sites that offeer free blogger templates.

Another plus factor is you can easily move the layout elements easily by simply dragging them one by one, and to your layout taste.

Lastly, you can tweak the colors and fonts of your website aside from choosing a pre-set color scheme.

I would say it is very user-friendly and those who would like to have their blogs to a have a better look and layout, the Template Designer is the answer!

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Hey thanks for visiting my blog.

I might try and change the template too sometime.

Thanks, Asha! Yes you should try it soon and you will not run out of possibilities!

Nice post
I will try 2 do so....
thanx 4 sharing

@Hi-tech,thanks so much for the visit!

Hello, Thanks so much for this post. I've been looking for a way to improve my blog for some time. I followed your directions and it worked out wonderfully. I'm going to write a post and credit you. Thanks again.

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